Links to Mike’s development projects will be here

Android Projects


Amazon Echo (Alexa) Skills

I currently have 6 Amazon Echo/Alexa skills certified and out in the wild! They are mostly silly skills that friends and colleagues have asked me to make.

BrownChickenBrownCow  – Plays 70s style porn riff (Don’t ask!)
DrWho Facts – Speaks many random facts about the BBC series DR WHO
Startrek Facts – Speaks many random facts about the Startrek franchise
Unofficial Starwars Facts  – Speaks many random facts about the Starwars franchise – Due to Copyright restrictions, I had to name it ‘Unofficial’ – Boo!
4aBurp – Ask Alexa for a variety of belches!
Random Word – Ask Alexa for a random word and get its meaning as well as the word itself

I also have an in-depth Tutorial on creating and submitting a LIVE working Skill for the Echo device. It can be read here


Raspberry Pi Projects

Hand of Pi

A robotic hand controlled by a Raspberry Pi. It does Mikes bidding.

Web Server

Web services for the home office, hosted on a Raspberry Pi


A Raspberry Pi controlled remote window portal. (Think Steam Punk)


My newest RPi project. A raspberry PI 3 in an Atari ST case running Hatari in STE mode.